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Hello, I am GD,
I am working as a Full Stack Developer, for 1.5 Years.
I am a Passionate Coder and Ex-Intern at TCS.
I love discussing Technology, both Hardware & Software innovations.
My goal is to become a Pro in Backend Development, in the next 5 years.
I love Marathon-Running, Trekking & going GYM.

Software Developer at Trabacus Technologies.

Working as Full-Stack Python Developer (Sept 19- to date).

At Trabacus Technologies, we are building solutions for the Travel and Hospitality Industries using an ERP system for travel agencies and tour operators.
I work with Python-Framework Odoo-ERP System, building Backend-APIs and Frontend in HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
Also, I build Mobile Screens, in React-Native & Redux.
I am working on a product Hotels-Centric, which is an All-in-one Platform for Hotels and Property Management.

Intern at Tata Consultancy Services.

Worked on Full-Stack JavaScript Development (Jun 18- Sept 18).

I Completed an Internship in Tata Consultancy Services, for 3 months.
I worked on the latest Technologies like Full-Stack JavaScript Development, in MERN Stack as MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS.
Learned Git-Version Control System, Bootstrap, Software Development Life Cycle.
Hosted project on Heroku-MLab Cloud Platform.

BE from Mumbai-University

Specialization in Information Technology (July 15- June 19).

I completed Engineering with CGPA 8/10, from
DY-Patil's RAIT College.
I studied Data Structures & Algorithms Analysis, Open Source Technologies, Object-Oriented Programming, Mathematics, Database Management Systems, Machine Learning, Computer Networks, Operating Systems.
Also, I practiced Competitive Coding on LeetCode and System Design.

Student at StackOverflow & LeetCode

Self-helped & Online learning Student (Apr 17- to date).

StackOverflow is a platform for Developers to post Questions & Answers and I was active on it in my College days.
My StackOverflow and AskUbuntu total reputation is 2230+ points and my posts reached 1.45 Lakh people on StackOverflow and 2.01 Lakh on AskUbuntu.
I have been practicing Data Structures and Algorithms on Leetcode, Solving 160+ Problems recently.