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Hello, I am GD,
I am Backend Developer at Jio-Haptik,
helping to build AI Chatbot, processing more than 3 Billion end-users chats.
I love discussing Technology, both Hardware & Software innovations, then Startup-Culture, Entrepreneurship, Meeting new people, sharing thoughts & ideas.
My goal is to become an Expert in Backend Development aka Distributed-Systems, in the next 5 years, so learning Systems-Design, Scaling too.
Recently, I started Competitive-Programming, to practice Data Structures and Algorithms, and trying to get good at it.
Also, I believe in Fitness and like Marathon-Running, Trekking & going GYM.

Software Developer at Jio-Haptik.

Working as Backend Developer (May 21- to date).

Haptik is an Artificial Intelligence company, reaching close to 100 million devices and processing over 3 Billion end-customers interactions and backed by Reliance Industries.
I am working with an awesome Team, using Tech-Stack as Python, Django, Elastic Search, Celery, Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker-Containers, SQL, Mongo DB, APM for performance improvement, Git, AWS-Cloud.
I wanted to get good at Scaling servers to serve 500+ Million users, using efficient algorithms, reducing latency and handling more load on the server, keeping the same architecture and efficiently managing resources.
Also, I have to write code considering better efficiency, using Time Complexities like Big-O notations, so always trying to find O(log n) solution over O(n*n).

Student at StackOverflow, LeetCode & Competitive-Programmer.

Active on StackOverflow, Codechef, Codeforces, LeetCode (Apr 2017 - date).

I was active on StackOverflow in my College days, posting Questions & Answers, got a reputation of 975+ points, with reaching to 1.71 Lakhs people.
On AskUbuntu reputation is 1,421+ points, reaching to 2.13 Lakhs people and top 12% overall rank worldwide.
Recently, I have been practicing Data Structures and Algorithms, for 4-months (since Jan 2021) on Leetcode, Solving 200+ Problems.
Also, Started giving live-contest on Codeforces and Codechef, especially to get good in Greedy problems, Dynamic Programming and Graph ones.
If you are good at CP or love it, then I would like to learn something from your experience and share mine as well 😉.

Ex-SDE at Startup Trabacus Technologies, @Bangalore.

Worked as Full-Stack Developer, on Web + App Platform, (Sept 19- Dec 20).

Having Love for the Startups, I flew to Bangalore (alone and all my own), just after finishing my Engineering in Mumbai, to Explore The Startup City of India and to learn a lot about Tech.
I worked with Python, building Backend-APIs and Frontend in HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
Also, I built multiple Mobile-App Screens, in React-Native & Redux.
I was working on a product Hotels-Centric, which is an All-in-one App, for Booking Services as Flights, Hotels, Cruises, Car-Transfers, Activities & Events.

Ex-Intern at Tata Consultancy Services.

Worked on Full-Stack JavaScript Development (Jun 18- Sept 18).

I Completed an Internship in Tata Consultancy Services, for 3 months.
I worked on the latest Technologies like Full-Stack JavaScript Development, in MERN Stack as MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS.
Learned Git-Version Control System, Bootstrap, Software Development Life Cycle.
Hosted project on Heroku-MLab Cloud Platform.

BE from Mumbai-University

Specialization in Information Technology (July 15- June 19).

I completed Engineering with CGPA 8/10, from DY-Patil's Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology, aka RAIT-College.
I studied subjects like Data Structures & Algorithms Analysis, Open-Source Technologies, Object-Oriented Programming, Mathematics, Database Management Systems, Machine Learning, Computer Networks, Operating Systems.
This was the best time in my life, as I have made best friends here, who helped me to reach where I am today (also Parents too get credit for my success 😊).
As I got to learn a lot from my friends, who always given me an honest feedback, which helped me to improve myself, both Technically and Personally too.
If you have seen me talking in Technical-Jargons only, then that mindset/approach I developed here only (and Thanks to friends who nourished a passion for Tech in me).
I used to sit on the first bench, and was trying to answer most questions, when Professors asked us, also when we used to get a chance to explain answer on board, I was first to raise a hand and explain it on board, though My answer was never 100% correct, but I always tried.
I built my Final-Year project, on my own (please check git-repo of it), on Optical Character Recognition, to read characters written on paper, using AI-framework, Tensoflow v2.
Also, I took part in multiple committees, like volunteering in RAIT's Alumni's Reunion, Techfest, selling events-tickets for Motif(Entrepreneurs committee), while focusing on Coding mostly.

Outside Work, How do I spend my time?

Description about my Personality, my Journey, Interests,

From Childhood only, I am Highly motivated, having a Never-Give-Up attitude, Good and Sincere in Studies.
I scored 90.40% in School, then chose Computer-Science as Elective for Class-12th, and scored an overall percentile of 89.40, including JEE-Mains score and PCM marks.
I chose Engineering, with Pure interests in Mobile-phones, which got developed in class 11th & 12th.
Apart from work, I regularly Exercise for an hour, if not then I do walk at least. I do read Tech blogs, watch Tech-Creators on Youtube, especially MKBHD and Coldfusion-TV.
I am a big fan of Steve Jobs and have a hardcopy of his Biography, following his precious-advice as "Stay Hungry & Stay Foolish" 🙏.
While Studying Distributed Systems, I got to learn more about Blockchain Tech, Protocols, and developed interests in Crypto, so invested a good amount there, especially BTC & DogeCoin, which went well till the SNL-Event of Elon Musk of 8th-May 2021, but in long term, I do believe in Etherium, and have respect of it's creator Vitalik Buterin.
Regularly, I read Techcrunch's business news and follow the news of India's Startup-Ecosystem.
If you think, we have similar interests, then hit me DM, I am always happy to learn from others and know about people's experiences.